Mitsubishi GB130, Powering the Track Barrow.

A Mitsubishi GB 130 4-Stroke petrol engine powers the TrackBarrow.

The Mitsubishi GB 130 is part of a series of six engines that have been built and designed to be consistently reliable and dependable.

They provide the following features.

•       Less Noise


•       Less Vibration


•       Improved starting

To achieve these objectives the Mitsubishi engineers have reduced the noise value by approximately 4 dB over the previous GM132 engine.  A redesigned cylinder block has produced a quieter ignition stroke.  The piston is 15% lighter and with this weight saving together with the reshaped combustion chamber it produces a much cleaner burn.  This has given a smother running engine with improved starting characteristics.  The pull start feature is 15% easier than previously and we call it the Easy-Start system.

The maximum power is rated at 3 Kw (4.2 HP) and the TrackBarrow is never short of power to track even the heaviest load up a 30 degree slope.