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How much weight will the TrackBarrow 400 carry?



What weight will the TrackBarrow 350 carry?



Do the sides expand?

Yes, the Trackbarrow 350 sides expand, the 400 is a straight skip.


What is the maximum size that the sides on the Trackbarrow 350 expand to?

The sides when fully closed will give an internal dimension of 530mm expanding to 930mm. The front board will expand from 980mm to 1190mm internal sizes. The sides have a thickness of 37mm.


Will a Euro pallet fit in the Trackbarrow 350?

Yes, a Euro pallet measures 1200mm x 800mm, if you expand the body width and remove the front board, the pallet will fit easily.


Does the Trackbarrow 350 have rope or lashing hooks to secure the load?

Yes, it has a total of six. Each side has two hooks. The front has two rope hoops with an additional two fitted onto the headboards external corners.


Can I transport a Trackbarrow in my Transit sized van?

Yes, Trackbarrows will easily fit into a Transit and being light weight, there isn't a problem.


Will it climb a ramp onto my flatbed truck?

Yes, the Trackbarrow will safely climb a 30-degree slope, so providing your ramps are no steeper than this, you will have no problems.


How long does a full fuel tank last and what type of petrol does it use?

A full tank of petrol should last approximately 5 hours, Use Unleaded Petrol (this requires no mixing)


How steep a slope will it climb up?

We recommend a maximum climbing angle of 30-degree slopes. This is provided the soil or surface is stable and will not landslide. Side slopes of 10 degrees are the maximum tilt angle recommendation.


How long does it take the skip on the Trackbarrow 400 to tip?

From pulling the tipping lever, the skip is in its upright position in about 3 seconds.


Will the Trackbarrow climb steps?

Yes, the design of the rear of the track frame is angled to allow it to climb steps or curbs without damaging them.